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Živá tradice v domovině, Evropě a ve světě --- Living tradition at home, Europe and in the world --- Lebende Tradition in Heimat, Europa und der Welt
Hudba spojuje národy  Hudba spojuje / Musik verbindet   Music unites nations   Hudba spojuje / Musik verbindet   Musik verbindet Völker

2020: Announcement of a New Project - Composer's Works Sample Tunes

With the beginning of 2020 I am going to start a new project at www.dechovka.eu. Every month through the current year I intend to take some sample tunes of work from selected composers in the space of Bohemian Brass Music.

I will choose composers without any particular time frame consideration. As there are so many composers who deserve the right ro be mentioned at least, the project may  - because of the prospective volume - therefore well be continued during the following year(s). I set up a list of composers I could name "off the top of my head", but as I see, the list is going to be expanded with the time.

It is a journey into "uncharted waters". So let's start and see how it works. Stay tuned.

Václav Vačkář, "father of Bohemian musicians"- Šohaj
juvel in the treasury of Bohemian brass music, inspired by Moravian motifs
played by Central music of the Ffederal interior ministry / Ústřední hudba federálního Ministerstva vnitra, conductor Vlastimil Kempe, 1981